Advantages of becoming a moja global member

If you are only interested in using the software, moja global helps to:

  • Install and run its software until you have the capacity to take over
  • Adjust software when UNFCCC, IPCC policy, or reporting requirements change
  • Upgrade your software to improve accuracy or performance as new research, technology or scientific results become available
  • Exchange best practice to reduce your operational cost of emissions reporting
  • Increase return from investing in emissions estimations by enabling you to download additional apps
  • Design and test your home-grown apps
  • Develop improvement plans for your system (based on sensitivity and uncertainty of your data and calibrations)


If you are eager to build emissions software, moja global helps to:

  • Reduce duplication of efforts and continuous development cost
  • Collect user feedback and identify user needs
  • Increase the uptake of robust emissions estimation systems
  • Make emissions from land sector comparable
  • Document and demonstrate progress towards commitments in the land sectors

Compare effectiveness of investments in land sector projects

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