"moja" means "one" in Kiswahili, signifying that the core software tools integrate the multiple sources of data and other elements of emissions estimation. Kiswahili was used to credit moja's Kenyan origins, and when combined with the global extension demonstrates the tools' applicability world-wide. 

In 2013, The Clinton Foundation and the Government of Kenya, with the support of the Government of Australia, began designing and developing a national system to enable the Government of Kenya to track emissions in the nation’s land sector through the SLEEK  (System for Land-based Emissions Estimation in Kenya) program. SLEEK provides credible, reliable, and accessible data to help the Government of Kenya make informed decisions in the land sector to help address climate change and to improve transparency and coordination between Kenyan government ministries and agencies across the land sector, encouraging better policies, and more sustainable management of Kenya’s natural resources.

The tool underpinning the SLEEK system is the Full Lands Integration Tool (FLINT), which is a generic platform developed by the moja global team that provides a framework for data collection, analysis and continuous improvement. The tool is based on over 20 years of experience building and operating integration tools in Australia and Canada. FLINT is being implemented by the Government of Kenya as part of the SLEEK program and has been tested successfully by the Canadian Government against existing Canadian systems.

Advanced software tools such as the FLINT require continuous alignment with the latest technical and scientific improvements. In order to deliver and sustain an effective tool for governments globally, the Clinton Climate Initiative, in collaboration with the governments of Australia and Canada, has created moja global to maintain and support the FLINT and other generic software into the future, bringing together international experts to collaborate on the Open Source  software, and to partner with developing countries for its delivery.

moja global is a collaborative project housed under the Linux Foundation, a non-profit consortium that develops and supports open-source projects. Building on the experience of the Linux Foundation, moja global ensures that the FLINT and associated software tools are reliable, thoroughly tested, well documented  and easily understood. This professional management gives governments and other users confidence that the FLINT can be trusted to inform important policy functions and will be sustained in the long-term.