Implementations and Commercial Applications of FLINT

Moja global facilitates collaboration on the development of open source tools. These tools can be downloaded and used by anybody in line with the license agreement. Typically, users download the FLINT and combine it with a set of modules that meet their needs. 

A combination of FLINT with modules is called an implementation. Often users give their implementation a specific name. For example, FLINT combined with the Canadian Carbon Budget Model science modules is known as Generic Carbon Budget Model (GCBM). Other configurations include: 

  • The System for Land-based Emissions Estimations in Kenya (SLEEK)
  • Sistema Dinámico de Emisiones y Proyecciones para el Sector AFOLU en Colombia (SEPAC),
  • Indonesia National Carbon Accounting System (INCAS).

Most moja global tools, including FLINT, are released under the MPL 2.0 license. This license allows the commercial use of FLINT. So users who want to use FLINT for commercial purposes are free to do so.  

For example, FLINTpro is a commercial software as a service version using the FLINT platform with proprietary modules. It has been developed by the Mullion Group.The Mullion Group is sharing all the improvements it makes to the FLINT platform with the open source community.

Other commercial applications are welcomed by the open source community. The involvement of companies increases the diversity of the community and speeds up the development of the open source tools. And the services provided by these companies provide additional options to potential users of FLINT. For example, while some users have ample in house capacity to configure and run the FLINT, other users are not interested to have in house expertise as it is not their core business. These users just want to receive quality estimates. Commercial service providers can assist these users. 

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