Measuring, Reporting and Verification with the FLINT

Through article 5 of the Paris Agreement many countries committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through activities in the land sector. This means that there is an urgent need to increase the efficiency with which Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) can be developed, implemented and operated by developing countries. The Agreement also increased the outputs required from such systems, in particular, the need to cover more of the land sector and to develop projections to allow for the setting of Nationally-Determined Contributions (NDCs) and tracking progress towards them.


The Full Lands Integration Tool (FLINT), is a MRV tool that can be used to make implementing and operating emissions estimation systems for the land sector achievable by all countries. It integrates remote sensing and ground data to produce information that is useful and meets the needs of the Paris Agreement.

Using SLEEK (System for Land-based Emissions Estimation in Kenya). SLEEK provides credible and accessible data to help the Government of Kenya make informed decisions on the land sector. The tool underpinning the SLEEK system is the Full Lands Integration Tool (FLINT).

The FLINT does not lock countries to any specific remote sensing or emissions estimation method. It allows for full analysis of fine resolution time series data, development of projections, and provides a framework for continuous improvement. It can operate on the whole land sector and support multiple objectives for sustainable land use planning and policy development.


The FLINT is an open-source tool under active development by a community of users from around the globe. The code is available on the moja global GitHub. Interested users and developers may contact for more information.

Thanks to the financial support from Natural Resources Canada, the GitHub repository of moja global is up-to-date and the FLINT code is accessible to everyone.

The About moja global page explains in detail how contributors from across the globe collaborate efficiently. Moja global is adopting best practices from open-source collaboration to empower users and contributors while ensuring the highest quality of science and code.

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