Moja global is now an official project under The Linux Foundation

As a collaborative project, moja global will build upon the experience of the Linux Foundation, a non-profit consortium that develops and supports many of the most critical open-source projects.

The partnership will ensure that these significant tools are reliable, thoroughly tested, well documented and easily understood. This professional management gives governments and other users the confidence that the tools can be trusted to inform vital policy functions and will be sustained in the long-term.


The Linux Foundation has established moja global as an official project under their umbrella. The moja global project has its own charter, which provides for a typical open-source organisational structure: members pay on a non-earmarked membership fee and in return get a seat on the board to discuss how their contribution can best be spent. The board decides on strategy, budgets and engagement with additional countries. Membership fees are used to manage moja global in a professional manner with cutting-edge infrastructure.

International organizations, developed countries and the private sector members contribute an annual membership fee. Developing countries using the software can join for free. Parties interested to become members can request observer status, i.e. non-voting participation in board meetings. For more detailed information regarding membership, please see the Paying Participation Agreement and the Non-Paying Participation Agreement documents. The board of directors sets the direction but does not determine the technical solutions. On the technical side, meritocracy rules. Anybody can contribute to the code. Contributions are reviewed by peers working on the code. The developers who understand their part of the code best will likely be elected to lead the team. They coordinate progress with other team leaders through a technical steering committee. The latter has final and sole responsibility for technical decisions.

Countries or organisations can contribute to the software managed by moja global without being a member. All contributions to the code base will be carefully assessed by moja global prior to inclusion in the official version. The IP of the code remains the property of the developers, however for the code to be included the developer must agree to licence their contributions under a specific open-source licence (MPL2 in the case of FLINT). This licence allows moja to freely distribute and use the code as part of the FLINT or its modules to the benefit of the entire user and developer community.