moja global wins Azure Cloud Grant

The moja global community from day one has maintained a focus on ensuring our open-source tools are easy to use and operate. Towards that end we applied for and received a generous credit grant from Microsoft to develop templates for users that wish to deploy our tools on Azure cloud infrastructure.

Moja global community members Harsh Bardhan and Anthony Kwaje led the grant proposal process to secure this grant. Anthony is supported by the Expanding Market Opportunities Grant supporting the development of FLINT and other moja global projects. and Harsh volunteers in an informal community manager role (previously supported by Google under their Season of Docs program).

Together their work will allow the moja global community to develop Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment pipelines (CI/CD) to run automated checks on code changes for the FLINT Reporting tools, the GCBM Visualization tool and our experimental FLINT User Interface.

Our community of technical experts will utilize these funds to develop and test out these new functionalities of the platform with automated checks on code changes. This new functionality will be built into templates for any users that wish to deploy moja global tools on Azure cloud infrastructure. We hope to share results with relevant stakeholders and users to increase adoption of the new work.

Thanks to Microsoft for their contribution and support!

If you’re interested in doing work like this with the moja global community of open-source experts visit here.

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