Revolutionizing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Modeling – moja global Partners with FSC Investments & Partnerships and Climate Advisers Through Renewed Support from the Government of Canada

Moja global is thrilled to announce our deepened strategic partnership with FSC Investments & Partnerships (FSC I&P) and Climate Advisers, to support our mission to revolutionize greenhouse gas emissions modeling across the forestry, agriculture, and other land use (AFOLU) sectors. This partnership is made possible through a grant from the Government of Canada, whose financial support and collaboration are instrumental, as one of the first successful adopters of technology that sits at the core of moja global’s innovative Full Lands Integration Tool (FLINT).

The Canadian Forest Service (CFS) is one of the most active contributors to moja global. Their use of science modules on top of the FLINT platform has allowed them to generate climate emission analyses across a broad range of landscapes at the national and provincial levels. Leveraging lessons learned from their implementation of this technology and increasing its adoption will further Canada’s mission to develop tools and training in support of monitoring and reporting on climate and environmental metrics, ultimately leading to better-informed climate strategies globally for the AFOLU sector. This collaboration underscores the power of collective effort in advancing sustainable practices and fostering global environmental stewardship.

The inclusion of FSC I&P and Climate Advisers as grant partners will advance moja global’s efforts to increase the adoption of FLINT by governments and private sector actors around the world. This work will be spearheaded by the Business Development Director, moja global; a new position housed by FSC I&P and made possible through the grant’s funding. 

The need for a comprehensive and accurate system to evaluate the impact of natural processes and human actions on greenhouse gas emissions in the AFOLU sectors has never been more critical. As interest in natural climate solutions and carbon markets grows, and as nations strive to improve their greenhouse gas inventories and nationally determined contributions (NDCs), the limitations of current satellite monitoring and mapping products become increasingly apparent.

To address these challenges, this partnership is advancing new approaches for national governments, international institutions, and the private sector to realize the benefits of using FLINT. The FLINT platform provides an open-source software solution for users seeking to accurately and affordably estimate and forecast greenhouse gas emissions and removals in the AFOLU sectors. 

Learn more about FLINT and its potential to support more strategic and ambitious climate action possible.

Together, moja global, FSC I&P and Climate Advisers are working to make better use of the increasing availability of high-quality forest and land use data, combined with the latest peer-reviewed science and tools, to enable decision-makers – from governments to land managers and investors – to make well-informed decisions that affect a wide range of interests and values, locally and globally. 

About moja global

moja global is a collaborative project under the Linux Foundation that supports ambitious climate action by bringing together a community of experts to develop open-source software – including the groundbreaking FLINT software – which allows users to accurately and affordably estimate greenhouse gas emissions and removals from forestry, agriculture and other land uses (AFOLU).

About FSC Investments & Partnerships 

FSC Investments & Partnerships (FSC I&P) is a nonprofit organization based in Seattle, Washington, whose mission aligns with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the world’s leading and most trusted voluntary forest certification system. FSC I&P builds partnerships alongside the global Forest Stewardship Council network and others accelerating the protection of healthy and resilient forests. Learn more here.

About Climate Advisers

Climate Advisers works to strengthen climate action in the United States and around the world through research, analysis, public policy advocacy and communications strategies. We partner with governments, non-profits, philanthropies, international organizations, financial institutions and companies to help deliver the clean economy. We develop and promote sensible, high-impact initiatives that improve lives, enhance international security and strengthen communities. Further information is available at

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