Report on the FLINT workshop in Ghana

A report on the October Workshop on Full Lands Integration Tool (FLINT) to support National Greenhouse Gas Inventories in the AFOLU Sector is now available. The workshop that was held in Accra (Ghana) was organized by the UNFCCC Secretariat and SilvaCarbon. SilvaCarbon is an inter-agency technical cooperation program of the US Government funded by the US Agency for International Development and the US Department of State. It is implemented by the US Forest Service and the US Geological Survey, with contributions from other US Agencies and partners.

The workshop brought together experts from 22 non-Annex I countries to Accra (Ghana). It was organized in response to the challenges these countries face when establishing greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory and Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) systems.

Participants were introduced to the FLINT-a Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) tool whose first group of users set up moja global to make the tool easily available to countries and allow for its continuous improvement. Participants were also given a demonstration of a FLINT based system. FLINTpro was used to estimate emissions from the forest sector for each participating country. One of the most important activities involved the participants’ assessment of how an MRV system like the FLINT could be used to meet reporting requirements under certain policies in their countries.

Experts from 21 countries expressed an interest in adopting the FLINT. Although there is great interest in establishing and improving MRV systems, local expertise and financing are two of the biggest challenges that countries face. This is where the benefits of an open-source platform become evident. Moja global provides an opportunity for MRV users to share expertise and collectively contribute to the improvement of the FLINT.

The participants of the workshop confirmed that there is a need for more advanced MRV tools for the land sector but that more financing and expertise is needed for these countries to install and use FLINT. In response to this, the participants requested moja global to coordinate the development of a joint proposal to raise funds for country level implementations of the FLINT.

The full report can be found here.