Map and land use

Moja global software can help with land-cover mapping using satellite imagery as a basis. Information from already developed land-use maps can be fed into moja global software. Software will identify when pixels change from one land use to another over time (e.g. from forest to agriculture).

Calculating GHG flows

Moja global software models the emissions and removals of greenhouse gases in each pixel of the land-use maps. Scientific models are used to determine how much carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere by crops or trees and how much is released when, for example, forests are cut down. All emissions and removals are then added up to obtain an estimate for a country, province or project area.

Forest policy impact on GHG emissions

Once historical flows are known, managing future greenhouse gas flows is the logical next step. Moja global software can model how policies and land management will influence future emissions. When consequences are clear, comparing policy options become less of an art and more of a science.

Use data for policy priorities

The maps and data used to model greenhouse gas flows can also be used for deforestation tracking, crop insurance, water management, biodiversity protection and many more.

General components of a moja global MRV system


Components of the Kenya-specific FLINT implementation