FLINT: the Full Lands INtegration Tool

The Full Lands Integration Tool (FLINT) is the flagship software developed by the moja global community. It is an integrating platform for estimating land-based greenhouse gas emissions and removals. Integrating refers to FLINT’s design to combine a wide range of data with models to achieve more accurate estimates of stocks and fluxes of greenhouse gases. FLINT is consistent with the UNFCCC guidelines. 

The video below explains how FLINT works. For detailed technical explanations please review our Github or contact us.

FLINT can help users to reduce costs through collaboration and provide structure for internal institutional arrangements. FLINT has been designed to achieve the required accuracy through step-by-step improvements. But above all, FLINT can be used to quickly establish an operational MRV system that can respond to policy and planning needs.  


General components of a moja global MRV system


Components of the Kenya-specific FLINT implementation