Want to know more about moja global and the FLINT?

Join the webinars.


The moja global team is running series of webinars for those interested in the various aspects of moja global and the FLINT. Each webinar covers a different aspect of the organisation and tools. The webinars will be held in March and April, with the exact dates based on the number and location of those interested.

Please send us an email info@moja.global with your details if you would like to participate.


Moja global: Why what and how.

This webinar will be led by Guy Jansen and Robert Waterworth, Co-Directors of moja global.

Topics of discussion will include:

  •         Why moja global was formed
  •         What makes moja global different
  •         The Linux and moja global open source philosophy
  •         How countries, users, developers and experts can become involved


The Full Lands Integration Tool (FLINT): what it does and why:

The webinar will be led by Werner Kurz and Robert Waterworth and will cover:

  •         Background to integration and existing tools
  •         Core design principles
  •         Using the FLINT, from global default data to advanced country specific implementations
  •         Ongoing development


The Full Lands Integration Tool (FLINT): technical design and development.

This webinar will cover the core technical details behind the FLINT. It will be led by FLINT developers James Leitch and Malcolm Francis and will detail:

  •         Description of the code base
  •         How the system runs
  •         Key areas for improvement
  •         How work with moja global to continuously improve the FLINT



In addition, organisations interested in information or briefing on specific areas should feel free to contact the moja global team at info@moja.global.