What We Do

The moja global community supports ambitious climate action by developing pioneering, open-source software – including the groundbreaking FLINT software – to help users accurately and affordably estimate greenhouse gas emissions and removals from forestry, agriculture and other land uses (AFOLU). 

The AFOLU sector accounts for nearly a quarter of global greenhouse emissions. On the other hand, natural ecosystems are able to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it. Forests alone hold 250 billion tons of carbon (about 7 times the global emissions per year). To achieve net zero emissions, we must reduce all emissions and enhance sinks in the Land Sector. 

The ability to accurately measure, report, verify (MRV) and project emissions and removals from the AFOLU sector is vital for both governments and companies to understand and plan progress toward climate targets, including countries’ nationally determined contributions under the Paris Agreement. 

Filling a gap

There are limited options currently available for
MRV systems for the AFOLU sector, and those that exist face limitations. In many cases, investment goes toward ad-hoc, simple solutions that are not sustainable or scalable. Developing a bespoke MRV system for the AFOLU sector requires huge amounts of expertise, making the process expensive and inefficient.

There is a clear need for solutions that helps countries and other users quickly and efficiently establish an operational MRV system that can respond to policy and planning needs.

Moja global was launched to fill this gap by building a community of experts, scientists and developers to create the first open-source source software that is affordable, accurate and fully customizable to a user’s needs and available data, whether the user is a country, a region, a local government, a company or a project planner.

The benefits of open source

30 years of experience
The open source nature of the moja global community allows users to immediately benefit from more than 30 years of experience. Moja global’s flagship software, FLINT, is continuously updated and improved, so users have easy access to updates, as well as lessons that have been learned from others’ experiences around the globe.

The burden of maintaining and improving the system is spread across users to the advantage of all, creating efficiency and cost savings. Users with more resources and expertise tend to invest more, but they still benefit from the contributions and feedback of others.

Frees up resource
Most countries require systems that are almost identical with small variations to meet country-specific circumstances. An open source solution like FLINT reduces duplication and frees up resources to focus on adapting the flexible FLINT system to local circumstances.

Open source collaboration has proven to result in better quality and more innovative solutions due to the diversity of the contributors involved. It also prevents users from being locked-in to one vendor or service provider. FLINT users can switch between providers or can run their own system.

Finally, open source tools facilitate verification of results, as an independent verifier can use their own version of FLINT without additional costs.

What we offer

Moja global offers the world’s only open-source software solution, FLINT, which allows governments – and other users – to measure, report and verify GHG emissions and removals from land use, such as forestry and agriculture, in accordance with the Paris Agreement and the IPCC guidelines.

For Governments (national and sub-national)

The management of the land sector is becoming a top priority for climate change policy. For many developing countries the land sector is the most significant source of emissions. Efforts to enhance carbon sequestration in forests and soils need careful planning, well-considered implementation and time to take effect. Moreover, governments must balance other political priorities beyond climate, including development and biodiversity.

Moja global’s FLINT is a highly accessible and efficient platform that radically simplifies the process for creating a system to accurately estimate emissions from the AFOLU sector, which responds to your policy and planning needs. FLINT can also help you project the impact of proposed policies to improve integrated landscape management. The system can be improved through regular cycles to ensure it delivers the best possible accuracy, responds to changing needs, and evolves in line with national and international standards. Learn more >

For international development agencies

We know that the scarcity of monitoring, reporting and verification systems (MRV) that meet international standards acts as a barrier to investments in reducing emissions and increasing removals of GHG in the AFOLU sector. Moja global’s FLINT has been designed to solve this challenge, by providing a customizable and affordable solution that provides results based on internationally-agreed scientific methods. It also makes emissions estimates comparable between countries and could even make them eligible for trading.  Learn more >

For companies

There is increasing demand to accurately measure the impact of investments in natural climate solutions, to ensure they are driving additional emissions reductions as part of net-zero climate targets. Companies can use FLINT to support the organisation’s environmental reporting obligations and management decisions. Whether your company is working toward carbon neutrality, transparent supply chain emissions, or investing in carbon markets, FLINT can analyze and visualize the impact of past or projected actions on carbon emissions at the level of accuracy needed to inform policy decisions and actions. Learn more >

For project developers

FLINT can be used to compare management options and project interventions; to project sequestered carbon targets and to monitor progress towards these targets. FLINT can be used by carbon verifiers to confirm progress. It can be applied to a single project or a portfolio of projects. Finally, if the government is using a FLINT-based system in your jurisdiction, your project can be seamlessly nested into the national accounts. Learn more >

For software developers

moja global is a collaborative and supportive community. We offer the opportunity to develop experience in open source software development, while also contributing to the fight against climate challenge. For those interested, there are mentorship opportunities available. It is also a chance to advance the state of software, solve problems in your day job or support users with new implementations. We are specifically interested in contributors from countries where FLINT is being used. Learn more >

For scientists

Moja global provides two interesting opportunities. First,  as an open source platform, FLINT allows scientists to contribute modules on the science of GHG emissions and removals in the land sector to operational systems and thus increase their impacts on policy. Second, cutting edge research is required into carbon stocks and fluxes in the land sector to further enhance FLINT and its modules and ensure that they reflect up-to-date scientific evidence.  Learn more >

General components of a moja global MRV system

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