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When you invest your skills and free time working on moja global tools, you do not only get the satisfaction of contributing to open source, you are actually contributing to mitigating climate change, one of the biggest challenges of our time. Few open source projects have such a clear connection with real world impact as the tools from moja global.


Moja global has high quality standards as we comply with the international guidelines and requirements for measuring emissions and sinks of greenhouse gases. But we are meeting the highest standards by making it fun to excel. The moja global community is not only committed, it is also looking out for each other, not only when coding, also when exploring opportunities beyond moja global. We will remain with you, shoulder to shoulder.


Moja global tools use a wide range of coding languages and libraries. So you can always find the right task to help you improve a skill or build your experience with a technology. You can not only develop your skills by trying something and getting feedback, you can ask to be part of a team where top maintainers will mentor you to hone your skills. Moja global participates in various mentorship programs so you can get stipends while working on projects. Moreover, moja global teaches you more than code. It allows you to get confident operating in an international software development environment.


Even if you’re a seasoned developer, having moja global on your CV will make you stand out with your current employer or for future jobs. Most employers check your GitHub activity before hiring. You can show your boss what you are capable of and in the process you are leaving your namecard for all potential employers in the world to notice. Moja global allows you to put your profile on the repository when you have made a contribution and we are always willing to make recommendations to help you get your dream job. Finally, we are working with some of the most sought-after companies, so you have a direct way into the companies where you want to end up.


Moja global is truly global. We connect coders with the world’s top scientists and many governments and companies. Joining moja global provides you a strong professional network on a platter. Moja global will actively support you to build connections while making contributions. The more upfront you are about what you want to achieve, the easier it is for moja global to help you reach your goals.

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