Moja global focuses on the land sector

The AFOLU (Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use) sector is a significant source of GHG emissions, but sufficient investment can turn it into a crucial carbon dioxide sink. The AFOLU sector is essential to meet the Paris commitment of net zero emissions in the second half of the century.

Moja global focuses on the key obstacle

Various donor countries have indicated that monitoring, reporting and verification systems (MRV) that comply with international standards are the most critical obstacle to investments that reduce emissions from the AFOLU sector. Moja global provides a solution to this challenge - software produces reliable results with a known margin or error. Moreover, as more countries start using moja global software, the results become comparable among them.

Moja global focuses on national policy priorities

For most developing countries, the AFOLU sector is the most significant source of emissions and the most important source of income. The AFOLU sector is essential for food security, wildlife tourism, water catchments and clean air. Reducing emissions can only succeed if mitigation strategies go hand-in-hand with national policy priorities of the AFOLU sector. Moja global tools can project the impact of mitigation policies and generate co-benefits to improve management

Moja global focuses on handling complexity

Developing a bespoke MRV system to estimate emissions from the AFOLU sector involves high levels of expertise from a wide range of actors at the national and local level. By using moja global software, countries can avoid a drain on their human resources and can easily embed the MRV system into their existing government systems. Regular updates in line with the latest developments in science and international agreements make the maintenance of the MRV system affordable.

Moja global focuses on user needs

Moja global is a membership-based organization that brings together developers of moja global software and users. Moja global’s aim is to support the widest possible use of credible emissions estimation software by countries, institutions and project managers. All members collaborate to achieve this goal, which not only reduces duplication and costs, but also provides more reliable software that responds better to user needs.

Moja global software is of a new generation

Moja global software can combine approaches at different IPCC Tiers based on the needs of the users or the data available. Data can be improved over time without losing consistency or having to change to a new software package. The software allows countries to take advantage of new remote sensing technologies and new data sets becoming available. Models can be easily changed, coded and calibrated in the coding language preferred by the user.

View the FLINT fact sheet for further information and check the moja global GitHub page to access the our repository.

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